list building tips for beginners


5 List-Building tips for Beginners.

It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you are selling you will need to build a list of prospective customers. E- mail marketing is an effective way of doing this. The great thing about email marketing is how affordable it is when compared to other forms of advertising.

Email marketing still enjoys a higher ROI (return on investment) than any other online marketing method, and the old saying “the money is in the list,” has never been more true.

If you are new to list building, it can seem very overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 list-building tips for beginners. Follow them and you are sure to build a successful email list.

Tip #1 – Create A Squeeze Page

When it comes to list building having a squeeze page is vital. You should try to funnel all of your traffic to your squeeze page. There you will have an opt in box for visitors to give you their name and email address. When it comes to your squeeze page simple is always better. All you need is a bold attention grabbing headline, something to giveaway and an opt in box. Nothing more and nothing less.

Tip #2 – Have an Opt-In Box On Every Page Of Your Website

You have to make it easy for a visitor to sign up for your list. The best way to do that is to have an opt in box on every page of your website.

Tip #3 – Don’t Sell All The Time

Yes, you want to make money so it’s very tempting to send out an offer with every email. This is a huge mistake. If all you do is, stuff offers down your subscribers throats they will quickly unsubscribe. The key to not only building a list but building a comfortable relationship with your buyers by provide solutions to their problems. That is your most important job. The more you help people the more likely they will be to purchase something from you. Helpful hints and tips is an excellent way of doing this so don’t bombard them emails that don’t give something of value. Flooding their in-box with offer after offer is not likely to build your list and can lead to you violating the anti-spam laws.

Tip #4 – Comply with All Laws

These days there are many laws in place to protect consumers. If you are doing any sort of list building, it is vital you adhere to these laws. The most important law is the CAN-SPAM law, which sets anti-spam guidelines. While you may not start out a spammer, ignorance to these laws can quickly turn you into one. You should never send out spam. If you don’t have permission to email someone don’t do it. It’s just that simple. It’s not worth it.

Only email those people who are in your list. Two of the most reputable email marketing services are Get-Response, and A-weber but there are others that make it easy to implement the necessary elements to keep in line with these laws.

Tip #5 – Giveaway Free Stuff Every Now & Then

It’s always a nice gesture to surprise your subscribers with something free. A free report, a free video, or a free audio file. People love free stuff. Especially if it helps them solve a problem. When you give away valuable information for free without asking for anything in return it builds a strong sense of trust.

In addition, since people buy from those they know and trust you won’t find it difficult to make sales but make sure the information you give away exceeds your subscriber’s expectations. This way you will soon grow a very profitable list.